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Product Introduction
Technical Specifications
Product Composition
Comax Controller - Stone Series
The Comax Controller is a smart and custom-programmable environmental controller that meets and exceeds industry best practices. Capable of gathering information from several dozen information sources, the Stone Series Comax Controller is any producer’s r
Product Features

Stability and Interchangeability: Built using Siemens PLCs after 100+ years of usage in various industrial settings, the Controller adheres to strict reliability standards and its parts are easily interchangeable with any standard PLC unit

Easy to Operate: High resolution color touchscreen with plenty of customizability; no more buttons and dials

Real-time Updates: Controller data is instantly streamed and updated to the cloud in real-time, ensuring instant information transfer

Powerful Functions: Simultaneously monitors temperature, humidity, and water usage while controlling equipment operations; automatically alarms and suggests interventions when needed

Intuitive Design: Interface designed to inform users and operators using easy-to-understand graphics and metrics

Integration: One communication gateway connects multiple controllers to maintain data synchronization and system simplicity

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Technical Specifications

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Product Composition